25th Jun 2019

Natural Treatments for Nephritis

Nephritis is an inflammatory condition that affects the kidneys. It is often caused by infection, autoimmune disease, metabolic disease or low blood pressure. Symptoms of nephritis include pelvic pain, frequent urinary urge, blood or […]
25th Jun 2019

Reishi Mushrooms: The Mushroom of Spirituality

Good morning, I am Fran Fainman and I have come to share some fascinating information around Medicinal Mushrooms, also known as  tonic herbs, and in particular Reishi or Ganoderma. I intend to enlighten you […]
5th Jun 2019

Customer Satisfaction Survey

We, at Medi Mushrooms, want to know more about you! We’ve compiled a short survey to learn about you, who you are and your experience with us, Medi Mushrooms. In return, one lucky winner will walk […]
25th May 2019

Treat Multiple Sclerosis Naturally With Lion’s Mane Medicinal Mushrooms

Multiple sclerosis is a progressive disease characterized by the pervasive destruction of myelin, a fatty sheath that supports and protects nerve fibers. Symptoms of this condition include muscle weakness, vision trouble, numbness and tingling […]