Medi Mushrooms

4th Jul 2018

Medicinal Mushrooms May Ease Chemotherapy Side Effects

Don’t Go it Alone If you or someone you love is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer, medicinal mushrooms can offer relief from chemotherapy side effects. These mushrooms have been known to act as […]
4th Jul 2018

Medicinal Mushrooms Strengthen Immune Defense

In recent years, mushrooms have gotten a bad rap in the field of natural health. For example, many people still believe that mushrooms are a primary contributor to the development of a condition called […]
4th Jul 2018

Best Supplements For Muscle Relaxation

Muscle strain and cramping can occur as a result of chronic stress, overexertion, autoimmune disorders, nutritional deficiencies or as a side effect of certain medications. Prescription pain relievers and muscle relaxers can cause serious […]
4th Jul 2018

Treat Fertility Problems With Cordyceps

According to statistics published in the Oxford Journal of Reproductive Health, infertility in South Africa has regional prevalence rates of 30-50%. If after 1 year of unprotected sexual intercourse, a couple is unable to conceive […]


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